Why is the Sallie House Haunted

Sallie House Historical Timeline

Years’ 1822-1900

  • 1822 – Michael C Finney was born 1822 in Fermoy, Ireland. Immigrated sometime in the 1840s or so, and spent some time in New York.
  • 1838 – Katherine Kathrens born in February 1838 in Vermont. Her family immigrated from Ireland, lived briefly in Canada, Vermont, Alabama, Missouri, then finally, Kansas.
  • 1854 – Michael C. Finney married Katherine (Kate) Kathrens on December 31, 1854 in Lexington, Missouri
  • 1856 – James K. Finney was born in Liberty, Clay Co, Missouri in 1856.
  • 1856 – Seven months later, still in 1856 they moved to Atchison
    • Note-M C Finney served as wharfmaster, a merchant dealing in grain, produce and other supplies. Had a general merchandise store on the levy, where they lived in two rooms over the store.
  • 1858 – Mamie (Maria) born June 19, 1858. Died age 15 mos. September 1859.
  • 1859 – Frank Barnes born to Asa Barnes and Harriet Cook on October 28, 1859, in Cummingsville, Atchison Co, Kansas.
  • 1861 – Agnes Marie Finney born October 30, 1861 in Atchison. Nickname Aggie.
haunted sallie house
Outside the Sallie House 2013
  • 1863 – Johanna “Josie” Wright born to James Henry Wright and Mary Ann Ahern on February 16, 1863 in Keithsburg, Mercer Co, Illinois.
  • 1865 – Charles C. Finney born Feb 1, 1865 in Atchison
  • 1866 – Michael Finney acquired the property lots 9 and 10, where 504 and 508 N. 2nd Street houses were built.
  • 1867-508 N. 2nd Street house built. According to Agnes’ obit, MC built the house.
  • 1872 – September 27, 1872 M C Finney died at 10 pm in the house.
  • 1873 – Richard Edwin Finney was born May 25, 1873.
  • 1874 – Charles James Kathrens, father of Kate Finney, died July 14, 1874. He lived with Kate and her family until his death. He was a music teacher for most of his life. Charles J. Kathrens Sr., was born abt 1797 in Dublin, Ireland. Immigrated with wife, Mary Ann Donnelley in 1832.
  • 1874 – Richard Edwin Finney died September 29, 1874.
  • 1878 – James Finney went for a jaunt to the mountains, and returned on September 16, 1878.
  • 1879 – 504 N. 2nd street was built by James K. Finney
  • 1879 – June 28, 1879~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
    Deed #53~It is then deeded to James K. Finney. There is a mortgage deed by James K. Finney to David A. Bond
  • 1880 – June 2, 1880, James Finney and friend, Andy Welte, returned from a trip to Gunnison Co, Colorado, vowing never to return to that “godforsaken” place.
  • 1881 – October 11, 1881~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St.)
    • Deed #57~James K. Finney gave the lot to Kate Finney
  • 1882 – October 2, 1882, Charley Finney became a collector for Dr. Holland.
  • 1882 – October 23, 1882~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
    • Deed #61~Kate deeded the land to Mrs. Catherine Bayes
  • 1883 – James K. Finney moved to St. Louis, Missouri and became a salesman for the L. M. Rumsey Manufacturing Company.
  • 1883 – On December 26, 1883 Frank Barnes and Johanna Wright were married.
  • 1883 – December 28, 1883. From Atchison Daily Globe
    “Last evening the gold medal was awarded to Miss Florence Guerrier and Charley Finney the best couple skaters.”
  • 1884 – October 21, 1884 Lydia Laura Barnes born to Frank and Johanna Barnes in Cummingsville, Atchison Co, Kansas.
  • 1885 – Thursday, December 31, 1885. From Atchison Daily Globe
    “A prize of $5 in gold to the best gentleman skater in Atchison on New Year’s night at the Palace rink, open to all gentlemen skaters except C. C. Finney.”
  • 1886 – August 1886 Anna Harriet Barnes born to Frank and Johanna Barnes in Cummingsville, Atchison co, Kansas.
  • 1887 – April 8, 1887 Atchison Daily Globe (Johanna Barnes article)
    “A.C. Nelson was adjudged insane yesterday, and Mrs. Barnes, of Cummingsville, is undergoing an examination as to her sanity this afternoon before Judge Sceva.”
  • 1887 – April 9, 1887 Atchison Daily Globe (Johanna Barnes article)
    “A jury before Probate Judge Sceva yesterday afternoon found Johanna Barnes, of Cummingsville, to be of unsound mind, and she will be sent to the asylum. The woman was not present, the verdict being rendered on the evidence of neighbors, which showed that she was violently insane, with a pugilistic tendency. Last evening she dressed herself in her husband’s clothes and escaped from her home, and was not found until this afternoon, when she was traced to Parnell and taken to her home.”
  • 1887 – April 14, 1887 Atchison Daily Globe (Johanna Barnes article)
    “Mrs. Johanna Barnes, the Cummingsville woman who was adjudged insane a few days ago, will be taken from her home at that place to the asylum at Topeka in a wagon, and under the escort of a guard of four men. She has become so violent that nothing can be done with her save when her arms are tied behind her, and then it requires a crowd to do anything with her. She was until recently a very popular young woman, but the death of a sister affected her mind, and she has grown steadily worse.”
  • 1887 – October 20, 1887, from Atchison Daily Globe
    “Charley Finney and W.S. Anderson had a fight this morning, which came about in the way: A few days ago, a Miss Page, a sister-in-law of Anderson’s, had a pocket-book containing $3 stolen from the dental rooms of Dr. Shulze. There were present in the room at the time a stranger and Charley Finney. Neither were accused at the time of taking it and the matter rested with an advertisement in the Globe until yesterday, when Anderson went to Dr. Shulze, and, according to that gentleman’s statement and that of Mr. Reid, of the packing house, accused Finney of taking the pocket-book. Finney heard this morning that he had been so accused, and went to the store of Mr. Anderson, and asked him to step up to the doctor’s office, and retract his statement. Anderson said he had nothing to retract, and after a few words Finney struck him over the head several times with a heavy cane. Nick Anderson, W.S. Anderson’s father, was present and drew a revolver, which he was prevented from using. Anderson claims that all he said was that the taking of the money laid between Finney and the stranger. He refused to cause Finney’s arrest, saying that Finney would in retaliation cause his father’s arrest for drawing a deadly weapon.”
  • 1887 – Friday, October 21, 1887, From Atchison Daily Globe
    “Jim Orr narrowly escaped a thumping some time ago for calling Charley Finney “Bub”.”
    “Charles Finney was arrested by Marshal Price yesterday for disturbing the peace, and was fined $10 by Judge Baldwin this morning. W.S. Anderson was also arrested on the same charge, but was released.”
  • 1887 – Saturday, October 22, 1887, From Atchison Daily Globe
    “To Charley Finney, greeting: You will please take notice that any annoying item that may appear in the Globe in future was printed by mistake.”
    (apparently the writer had an ironic sense of humor and enjoyed sticking it to people.)
  • 1889 – November 23, 1889 Elizabeth Catherine Barnes born to Frank and Johanna Barnes in Cummingsville, Atchison Co, Kansas.
  • 1890 – 513 N. 1st street, rental home owned by the Finneys
  • 1898 – November 1898 Frank Barnes and Johanna Wright Barnes divorce.
  • 1899 – June26, 1899~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
    Deed #129~Lot deeded to Joanna Barnes, a single woman. Mortgage dated same day for $130 held by Catherine Bayes.
  • 1899 – July 13, 1899 Frank Wright Barnes born to Frank and Johanna Barnes.

Years’ 1900-1930

  • 1900 – James K. Finney died Feb 19, 1900 in Leavenworth at 10pm
    • Note-William True and his family lived at 407 N. 2nd street in 1900.
  • 1904 – Charles marries Louise Zibold in 1904
  • 1905 – Moved to 510 N. 2nd Street in 1905
  • 1905 – February 23, 1905, Sallie Isabel Landers Hall died, age 34. She did not live at 508 N. 2nd St.
  • 1905 – October 6, 1905~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
    • Mortgage deed #143 for Joanna Barnes and held by Robert McCrie for a home improvement.

1905 – 516 N. 2nd street, rental home, built around 1905. Owned by C. C. Finney

  • 1906 – April 18, 1906~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
    • Deed #142~from Joanna Barnes to Agnes M. Finney for $300.
  • 1906 – September 24, 1906 Frank Wright Barnes died in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • 1906 – September 24, 1906 Kansas City Star (Johanna Barnes article)
    • Dead from Inhaling Gas

The Six-Year-Old Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnes-The Mother Overcome

Frank Barnes, jr., the 6 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnes, 330 Park avenue, was found dead this morning in the home as the result of asphyxiation. His mother, who slept beside him, was overcome, but will recover. Mrs. Barnes was recently discharged from an asylum for the insane in which she was confined several years. There was no evidence in the room that anyone had entered it during the night.
The Barnes family moved to their present address Saturday, and owing to the unsettled condition of the house-Mrs. Barnes and her son slept on a cot on the first floor last night. The father, who is connected with the Kansas City Southern railway, and three daughters were on the second floor.
Mrs. Barnes had been rational since her return from the asylum.
Elizabeth, the oldest daughter, rose early this morning to prepare breakfast, and long before she came down stairs noticed the odor of gas in her room.
When she reached the first floor she found that the windows had been closed in the room which the mother and son occupied and that gas was escaping from a jet immediately over the cot, on which they lay, breathing heavily.
After arousing her father she ran to the corner of Lexington and Ord avenues and called Dr. A.M. Wilson, who came to the house. The boy was dead when he arrived. Mrs. Barnes responded to the measures taken to revive her, however, and will recover.
The Barnes family formerly lived in Atchison, Kas. They moved to Kansas City about a year ago.

  • 1906 – September 24, 1906 Atchison Daily Globe (Johanna Barnes article)

“The six year old son of Mrs. Johanna Barnes, formerly of Atchison, was found dead in bed this morning, in Kansas City, as a result of inhaling gas. Mrs. Barnes herself is in a very critical condition, from the same cause. Miss Anna Barnes, a daughter, who is bookkeeper for James Thayer, left for Kansas City at noon. The woman was once tried for insanity, and sent to an asylum, but was later released. A telegram from Kansas City says the woman undoubtedly attempted to kill herself and son, as she had turned on a gas jet, and last night insisted on the boy sleeping in her room. She will recover. Her husband works in the Kansas City Southern shops.”

  • 1906 – September 25, 1906 Atchison Daily Globe (Johanna Barnes article)

“The remains of Frank Barnes, who was found dead in Kansas City yesterday morning, will be brought to Atchison tomorrow morning, and taken to Cummings for burial. His mother, Mrs. Johanna Barnes, is still in a critical condition, and may not recover, according to Miss Anna Barnes, who returned to Atchison today. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, who were divorced, were remarried some time ago. Mrs. Barnes went to Kansas City from Atchison, with two of her children, and soon deserted them, going to Colorado. After the children had been alone a week, an aunt found them. Then the aunt found the father, and when Mrs. Barnes returned from Colorado, they were remarried.”

  • 1907 – Charles H, son of Charles C and Louise born Feb 17, 1907
  • 1908 – 520 N. 2nd street, rental home, owned by C.C. Finney
  • 1908 – 522 N. 2nd street, rental home, owned by C. C. Finney
  • 1908 – 524 N. 2nd street, C.C. Finney storefront.
  • 1912 – 604 N. 2nd street, rental home, owned by C.C. Finney
  • 1913 – Charles C Finney elected mayor in 1913
  • 1913 – Agnes married William True (known as Billy True along the Rulo branch of the Burlington railroad, which employed him as an engineer) in 1913, they lived in Rulo, Ne.
  • 1913 – August 30, 1913 Anna Harriet Barnes married Stewart A. Mackenzie in San Gabriel, Los Angeles co, California.
  • 1915 – June 26, 1915 Anna May Mackenzie born to Anna and Stewart Mackenzie in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, California.
  • 1916 – Charles C Finney stepped down as mayor in 1916
  • 1916 – William True suffered a “stroke of paralysis” in Dec 1916 in Wyoming. Agnes brings him to Atchison where he remains until his death.
  • 1917 – January 2, 1917 John R. Mackenzie born to Anna and Stewart Mackenzie in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, California.
  • 1918 – May 4, 1918 at 7 am, after spending the last three days unconscious, William A. True dies.
  • 1918 – Kate Finney died June 14, 1918 at 9:30 pm in the house. Ill for several months with gangrene, died from septicemia.
  • 1919 – January 14, 1919 Anna Barnes Mackenzie died in San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co, California.
  • 1920 – 701 N. 2nd street, rental home, owned by C.C. Finney
  • 1920 – 705 N. 2nd street, rental home, owned by C. C. Finney
  • 1920 – Agnes Finney is taking in boarders.
  • 1920 – May 8, 1920 Elizabeth Barnes married Jonas Bertram Ely in Delano, California.

Years’ 1930 – Present Day

  • 1939 – Agnes died Nov 28, 1939 at midnight in the house. Had been ill for the last three years.
  • 1947 – Charles C. Finney died March 1947.
  • 1948 – December 1948 Dick Mize and family moved into 508 N. 2nd St. They live in the house for a short time. One of their children is named Sarah “Sallie” Margaret Mize. (She is still alive)
  • 1952 – Friday, January 4, 1952, Louise Zibold Finney, wife of Charles C. Finney died.
  • 1955 – December 2, 1955, Dr. Charles H. Finney died.
    • (this information is from city directories only, corrections wanted and needed)
  • 1958 – Ethel Anderson lives at 508 N. 2nd Street. She is the ex-wife of Dr. W.L. Anderson.
  • 1958?-1990? – Ethel Anderson lived at 508 N. 2nd St.
  • 1990?-1994? – At some point, Bobby and Colleen Humbard moved from 504 N. 2nd St to 508 N. 2nd St. Their daughter Heather, played with an “imaginary” friend named Sallie. She later identified a drawing that Tony Pickman made as being her friend Sallie.
  • 1994?-1997? – Debra and Tony Pickman live at 508 N. 2nd St.
  • 1999-2001 – Mary Liggett lived at 508 N. 2ndSt
  • 2002 – David Leeper lived at 508 N. 2nd St.
  • 2008 – livescifi.tv first paranormal investigation with Tim Wood