About Tim Wood

Tim Wood is the founder of livescifi.tv, paranormal investigator, author, who has been investigating hauntings and unexplained phenomena for over 15 years.  He has always had a passion to learn and research the paranormal due to the paranormal activity that he had experienced growing up in a haunted house.  The house he grew up in was in California and paranormal activity occurred daily, and he believes that many of the events that experienced at his house are somehow connected to the Sallie House.

Coming from a Catholic household, paranormal activity was not something that was easily mentioned or discussed with his family, which made him research and explore haunted locations at a later age.  The first paranormal group that he joined was Bay Area Paranormal Investigation in 2004 by Michael Cline, later groups that he would either join or create would be Sonoma Spirit Investigations 2006, founder of Bay Area Society for Paranormal Research, founder of livescifi.tv in 2007, and founder of SF Bay Area Paranormal Investigations.

With over 1000’s of paranormal investigations to his credit in the United States he has also appeared in the NY Times, ABC, NBC, Telemundo, and Wired.  Notable sponsorships included Yahoo!, Machinima, Dickies, and Time Warner. He is also a published author, Stalked by the ZoZo Demon (2017).

Why I created this site

I first visited the Sallie House in 2007, during that paranormal investigation that I was attacked by a dark entity in the basement of the house.  The paranormal activity in the house can be extremely dangerous at times, and yet the house can also be extremely tranquil and innocent at times.  I have had so many paranormal experiences at the house, and I have discovered that there is so much misinformation on the Sallie House that I decided to create this website which will be and is, all things Sallie House.

I feel that the Sallie House has a story to tell and the hauntings and paranormal are manifesting themselves in the house to people who visit and investigate it are extremely important not only for the paranormal community but also for the restless spirits and energy that inhabits the house.