Sallie House Paranormal Episodes

Below are some of the more notable Sallie House paranormal episodes that have either been on TV, or featured on YouTube.

Sallie House Sightings Episodes 1996

In the latter part of 1996, Sightings contacted the Pickmans with interest about their paranormal claims and spent many months bringing in an array of paranormal investigators, psychics and paranormal professionals. The Sightings TV show was not able to come any conclusive findings and the case was left open.

Shortly afterwards, Showtime aired a two-hour movie they had been working on for almost two years prior. The Heartland Ghost depicted our story quite well in regards to the detail of events that took place, however, without a full understanding of the haunt Hollywood had to take liberty with the story line. The the story line about the African-American woman who had affair cannot be confirmed however.

Sallie House on Discovery Channel’s Haunted Town

What followed was Discovery Channel’sHaunted Town, that covered many areas of Atchison and the claims of the hauntings within it. I will leave it said that this was not one of our favorite media coverages, as we don’t give much credibility to some of the participants.

As a result of the interest of shown in the haunted history of the town, Atchison Chamber of Commerce embarked on an interesting idea. Their Haunted Trolley Tour has been a great success. What began as a month long (October) single trolley tour that made its way around the town and told stories of specific location along the way has grown into a two month, two trolley tour. Tickets are often hard to come by, unless you have been able to purchase them in advance. Space continues to be limited, and the demand remains high. – Sallie House Live Broadcasts

From 2007-2018 have done numerous live broadcasts on their YouTube channel from the Sallie House.  They have caught numerous Class A evps, shadow figures, and even one of their investigators had holy water steam off their neck from possession that occurred in the basement of the house during a Ouija Board Session.  This is one of the paranormal episodes that they did on the Sallie House.

Ghost Adventures 2015 – Sallie House

In 2015 the Ghost Adventures crew filmed at the house, one of the things to note is that they caught a bear that rotated in Sallie’s room during the filming of their investigation.  The bear was supposedly stolen after the show.  Source – S10 Ep06 Sallie House

A Haunting, Discovery Channel

Filmed in 2010 – An Atchison, Kansas couple, Tony and Debra Pickman, move into their first home together. They are expecting their first child and soon after the baby’s birth, strange occurrences begin to happen around the house. The couple soon learn that their house is haunted by the ghost of a seven-year-old girl named Sallie who is trying to warn them of an evil spirit lurking in the shadows. With a help of a professional paranormal researcher and psychic, the couple soon discovers the evil spirit that Sallie had been warning them about had been her mother. While outside, the mother explains to the psychic that she was a former slave and found employment in the doctor(Sallie’s father)’s home as a housemaid. They had an affair which lead to Sallie’s birth. When Sallie was 7, her mother had ordered her to stay hidden from the doctor’s immediate family so no one got suspicious. She was very angry at Sallie for disobeying her orders by running down the stairs that lead to the guests finding out about their secret family. When Tony is attacked again by Sallie’s mother, the couple moves away. The psychic believed Sallie’s mother had attacked Tony and not Debra because she was punishing him for not accepting Sallie.  Source – A Haunting S02E02 Sallie’s House 

Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness S03E18 The Harpy – Debra and Tony Pickman were ecstatic when they found out they were going to have a baby. The baby coming meant the Pickmans had to find a bigger home.  They found a beautiful 128 year-old house. It was perfect, even with a room they could turn into a nice nursery for the baby. Tony was an artist, and Debra was one of the most creative women Tony knew. They decorated the baby’s room all on their own, laughing and enjoying life. Their dog, Sasha, the gentlest dog Tony’d ever seen, had a hard time with the nursery. Inexplicably, Sasha often stood in the nursery room doorway and growled. Tony dismissed it as perhaps the leftover scent of the previous owner’s pets.

It wasn’t until they brought baby Taylor home that things began to turn dark.  Taylor often had a difficult time sleeping. One night, as they sat on the couch, Debra was wondering what she was doing wrong. The lights in the room flickered, then dimmed. Debra knew it wasn’t electrical, as no other device in the room that used electricity was being affected. read more