Sallie House – A Demonic Haunting

The Sallie House is known as a demonic haunting due to the dark paranormal activity that affects people to this day.  The house rests on a quiet street in the small town of Atchison Kansas.

Over the years the house has been the subject of several TV shows and has drawn many paranormal investigative teams, psychics, and just curious people.  There are many misconceptions about the home, and many truths that seem to constantly fuel the demonic infestation in the home.  This website is a non-bias attempt meant to bring clarity to what may be haunting and affecting people who visit the home.

The Beginning – Finney’s

The home was originally constructed for the Finneys’. Michael Finney purchased the home and lived there with his family until his death,in the residence, in 1872. There have been many residents and several documented deaths that have occurred in the home throughout the home’s history.

Michael Finney-1872
Richard “Edwin”Finney-1874
William True- 1918
Agnes Finney True – 1939

Sallie House Urban Legend

There is a “legend” that started circulating shortly after the Pickman’s started experiencing the Sallie House Haunting.  The urban legend is believed to be originated from one of the psychics who visited the home trying to aid the Pickman’s.  Unfortunately, there is no historical data to back up that there was ever girl Sallie that lived or died in Atchison of appendicitis.

According to the urban legend Sallie was a six-year-old girl named, who was suffering from acute appendicitis and was brought to the house where the local town doctor, Charles Finney, resided and practiced.

In the doctor’s “haste” he failed to anesthetize the young girl fully and she awoke during surgery in terrible pain and horror and then died from shock and blood loss.  It is now believed by some that Sallie who seems to have never existed in any historical records now haunts the home.

Paranormal activity at the Sallie House

Paranormal Activity has been documented by many paranormal teams and also by former tenants of the home.
The most commonly reported activity consists of dark moving shadows, audio phenomenon, electronic voice phenomenon, discernible increases in the electromagnetic field, temperature fluctuations, equipment malfunction, light phenomenon, olfactory phenomenon, hair pulling, scratches ranging from superficial to severe, the manifestation of odd substances appearing on basement floor and walls, object manipulation, the feeling of being pushed, possession and full-bodied apparitions.