Ghost Hunters Search for Paranormal Activity at the Sallie House

ATCHISON, Kan. – To many it’s known as the scariest house in America — the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas.

But starting on Tuesday night through Wednesday, a ghost hunting crew is live streaming their experience in the spooky house – one they say the skeptics can’t ignore.

The Sallie House looks homey, welcoming even, but many say once you get cozy, Sallie gets sinister.

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t play nice,” said Tim Wood, director of

The house was once owned by a doctor, who had his operating room downstairs.  The story goes a little girl named Sallie died there, during an emergency appendectomy, but these ghost hunters from say something worse than an innocent little girl  is inside.

“This place is infested with demonic activity,” Wood explained.  “It’s not a place that I would tell a lot of people to come to.”

Tim Wood and Scott Dilalla have been in the Sallie House several times before, which is why they’re prepared with religious symbols.

The last time they were here, they say they were choked, and Tim says he’s been scratched, which they say isn’t uncommon in this house.

“It is by far the most creepiest place I’ve ever been to and the most active,” Wood said.

The crew says the scariest places are Sallie’s room, where toys move around, or the basement where people say they’ve been attacked.

“The energy down there is super negative, we’ve been attacked down there,” Wood said.

To up the creepy factor, the crew even brought a dibbuk box downstairs. For 36 hours, the crew is live streaming their experiences in the house, tracking every move.





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